Picture It.

On a beautiful, breezy evening, after school is well out and everyone is home from work, you get the family dressed - maybe get to do your hair (#treatyoself). A knock at the door; I love your home, and can't wait to meet the gang. We spend an hour or so giggling, hugging, sometimes smiling - right in your own backyard or your favorite park down the road. 



It's golden hour, and the sunset wraps a faint golden halo around your littles. Between the afternoon sun and some games of tag, all of a sudden everyone is a bit hungry.  All dressed up and nowhere to go, maybe you take the family out for dinner or an ice cream as a treat after. An evening of memories, not just images. 



Within two weeks, you receive an email: your images are ready! Collect the gang on the couch, and wrestle over which ones you love the most. 



Which would look perfect above the dining room table? Maybe in the hallway - oh, and one for grandma! And, of course, a few for the #gram.