Actor Headshot: Tony

When I was first starting out - before I even knew it was "starting", really - Tony asked me to shoot his headshots. We grew close while studying acting together at the Neighborhood Playhouse, and he knew I loved photography. 

But, years ago, it was just a hobby. I was an "aspiring" actress (that's a stretch), in business school and working full-time. There was no room in my head for a photography business to grow into anything more than a pretty little something. Acting was shifting to the back burner, and I had just gotten my first "real" lens, so I was excited. But when I look back, the pictures were just... DREADFUL. 


So when Tony came to me again, lifetimes later, I couldn't wait to make it up to him. I finally had more to offer than a smile and a lens. We had some laughs and picked up right where we had left off - but this time, in my home studio, not on a bench in Central Park on my lunch break. And he served some LEWKS. 

Someday I'll gift you all with a before/after for a little lesson in humility.