Erin | Portrait | Natural Redhead | Northport, NY

My first (and favorite) model is my sister. She may be years younger, but she had so much to teach me about how to be in front of the camera. For someone who loves to shoot, you think I'd be better at being in front of one. I'm decidedly NOT. It seems my sister was born for it, though. That gene skipped me.. hard.

This shoot ended up being a bit of a last hurrah before this lady left to go to college in Ireland. IRELAND. To study law. And probably win every college soccer game single handedly. Maybe save the world a little. I don't know. I do know she's a bit of a super hero, and I absolutely look up to my little sister. Can't you tell? 

We went for a natural, kind-of-Merida look for this shoot. C'mon - when you've got a mop like that, you have to use it.