Corporate Headshot: Becca

Becca Santilli is the creative mastermind behind The Taste Exchange and now Santilli Styled. We met through our local Suffolk County chapter of The Rising Tide Society, and became fast soul sistaaas. I can't handle her! She continues to be a radiant beam of light in my life well past becoming a client.

Nothing makes me happier when clients become friends!  Great camaraderie breeds beautiful, authentic and effortless portraits. Her openness and light shine through her shots, and are perfect for showcasing that in her business. 

As event coordinator for my local RTS chapter, I always encourage other creatives and entrepreneurs to join. Joining RTS gave me the tools to turn my dream of my own photography business into a reality - and gave me a wonderful community that showed this Brooklyn girl that Long Island can be home too. 

Studio Portrait: Risa

Risa was looking to treat herself (#treatyoself2018) to some portraits of her and her pup, BB. What started out as a simple Mommy and Me session in the studio quickly became so much more fun and empowering - we walked away with some gorgeously simple, Annie Liebovitz-inspired portraits that were more than she could have ever imagined. Now, the portrait of Risa and BB hangs in her new apartment in Tampa, FL. 

Erin | Portrait | Natural Redhead | Northport, NY

My first (and favorite) model is my sister. She may be years younger, but she had so much to teach me about how to be in front of the camera. For someone who loves to shoot, you think I'd be better at being in front of one. I'm decidedly NOT. It seems my sister was born for it, though. That gene skipped me.. hard.

This shoot ended up being a bit of a last hurrah before this lady left to go to college in Ireland. IRELAND. To study law. And probably win every college soccer game single handedly. Maybe save the world a little. I don't know. I do know she's a bit of a super hero, and I absolutely look up to my little sister. Can't you tell? 

We went for a natural, kind-of-Merida look for this shoot. C'mon - when you've got a mop like that, you have to use it. 

Welcome to the Blog!

Each week, the blog will be updated with tips, sneak peeks and my favorite picks from my latest sessions. If you want to know a bit more about sessions at my home studio, or how to make the best of any photography experience you are looking for, this is the place for you! 

Want to know how to pose so you still look like YOU? Want to know how it feels to sit in front of my camera? Want to know a bit more about what happens in a "session"? I will cover it! Check back in each week for more in-depth looks at my sessions. This place will be my safe haven, a place to wine-down and share what makes Cait McCarthy Photography special.

Grab a glass, and enjoy.